Information evening at the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre - Baugruppen at WGV an initiative of The University of Western Australia and LandCorp.


LandCorp (Western Australian Land Authority) and The University of Western Australia are collaborating under a memorandum of understanding to deliver Australia's first higher density Baugruppen Demonstration.  Geoffrey London, Professor of Architecture, UWA and Warren Phillips, Senior Development Manager, LandCorp will oversee the project and research.

Architect Michael Patroni, spaceagency, Project Manager Phillip Gnech, Builtform Projects, Environmental Scientist Dr Josh Byrne, Josh Byrne & Associates and Hayden Groves, dethridgeGROVES Real Estate will assist a group of future owner-occupiers to become the developers of their individually owned, strata titled "stacked homes".

The project acknowledges and is very grateful for the videography by Vam Media, and German translations by Architect's Tobias Busch and Valentina Stix.

The site for the Baugruppen is 1 Beazley Way, White Gum Valley within LandCorp's multi-award winning  WGV Innovation through Demonstration project, Western Australia's 1st One Planet Community and the 11th worldwide. WGV features mature trees, beautifully landscaped streets and park, a picnic shelter and bbq, historic community hall and a range of climate responsive homes from one to four bedroom. The entire development aims to use less of the earth's resources including up to 70% less potable water and 70% less grid electricity, compared to the Perth average.

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