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Baugruppen at WGV

To learn more about this exciting project  watch our introductory video. 

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Modular concept for "Stacked Homes" 

Fremantle architects, spaceagency has prepared the concept plans demonstrating a modular design capable of accommodating  16 homes of various sizes.

Targeted Savings

The Baugruppen at WGV will target up to a 15% saving on market value by removing developer's profit, agent fees and marketing. Future owner-occupiers are joining together to be the  developer, assisted by their architect and project manager.

House & Land

The process is similar to "house & land"; buying land and engaging a builder. The difference is that the building group will buy land together and engage a builder to construct their customised and individual strata titled homes.

Approx. 25% Equity

Each building group member will invest a around 25% of the "cost" of their new home. On completion, the homes will be strata titled and transferred to each participant and you can arrange a competitive mortgage with a bank of your choice.


The Baugruppen at WGV concept design has been prepared by multi-award winning Architect, Michael Patroni of spaceagency.

The concept introduces "stacked homes"  with no common walls except the studios that share one internal wall.

Single storey modules will accommodate one or two bedroom homes, double storey modules accommodate three or four bedroom homes. Sixteen under cover parking spaces are provided.

All homes feature  cross ventilation, abundant natural light and generous private outdoor space. Shared facilities include a guest apartment, community garden and outdoor living spaces such as rooftop terraces. 

Download concept plans.


Baugruppen (building groups) is the German term used to describe the process by which people join together to be the developer of their own separately titled homes.

The process creates instant community with members prioritising their own needs while working together to design the shared spaces.

Baugruppen is a "zero profit" housing model that has the potential to  deliver  higher quality, more sustainable homes, designed for long-term needs rather than profit.

Homes from around $260,000 (studio) to under $700,000 (3 bedroom 2.5 bathrooms) depending on location within within the development and level of customisation.

About the research.


All homes  will be climate responsive, using passive solar design and innovative construction materials, resulting in homes that are more comfortable and require less energy. 

A shared, battery ready, solar panel system will generate renewable energy to ensure lower operating costs.

Water efficient appliances and fixtures will reduce potable water use, gardens will be irrigated via the WGV community bore.

Under cover car bays are optional and there will be charging for electric cars, bikes and scooters.  All homes will have access to the fastest fibre to the premises nbn network with your choice of internet service provider.

Download the sustainability matrix.

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